Tracking Adoptions Across The Missionary Movement


INFOGLOBAL is a simple code that allows tracking of adoptions/engagements of Unreached People Groups across missionary agencies, movements, and independent churches.

If you are an evangelical entity and have adopted/engaged a people group with the intention of sending or have already sent missionaries, you can add register your adoption/engagement with the INFOGLOBAL community.

You do not need to create an account and password or give detailed or sensitive information to participate.

Example of the code: INFOGLOBAL FINISHTASK US 2014. This is the code placed on the people group data. It means that someone from the Finishing The Task Movement in the USA adopted, targeted, engaged or committed to send or has already sent cross cultural church planting (scripture generating if necessary) missionaries to that people group.

INFOGLOBAL – Current Code Set

  1. ACTBEYOND Act Beyond formerly MTURP – Mission To Unreached Peoples
  2. AIMSAAP – Accelerating International Missions Strategies
  3. ANTIOCH – Antioch Network
  4. AUECOMIBAM – Alcance Una Etnia COMIBAM
  5. CALL2ALL – Call2All
  6. CCCHRIST – Campus Crusade for Christ
  7. CLOSINGGAP – Closing The Gap
  8. ETHNE2ETHNE – Ethne to Ethne
  9. EVERYPEOPLE – Every People
  10. FINISHTASK – Finishing The Task
  11. FRONTERAS – Fronteras IberoAmerica
  12. GDAWNPNET – Global DAWN Peoples Network
  13. GLOBALROAR – Global Roar (Adopt A People Clearing House) [aap]
  14. GTFPRACT – Global Trends Fruitful Practices
  15. GNMSLMC – Global Network of Mission Structures (Last Mile Calling)
  16. GREENWINDOW – Green Window Ministries
  17. GPCNAAP – Global Connection Partnership Network
  18. IMAAAP – India Mission Association
  19. IMBAAP – Adopt a People Group – International Mission Board
  20. ISSACHAR – Issachar Initiative
  21. IONAAP – International Orality Network (ION) Includes: Story Runners, SIL, One Story, Faith Comes By Hearing, Gospel Recordings Network, CRU
  22. LAUSANNE – The Lausanne Movement [LIRN]
  23. MANIAFRICA – Movement for African National Initiatives
  24. MISIONEXUS – Missio Nexus (Mission Exchange, Cross Global Link)
  25. PIONEERS – Pioneers
  26. PJRNID – Indonesian National Research Network
  27. REACHTHEREST – EPIC International (Reach the Rest)
  28. TABLE71 – Table 71
  29. TRANSWLD – Transform World
  30. U4THEU – Unleashed for the Unreached
  31. VISION59 – Vision 5/9
  32. WITHINREACH – With In Reach
  33. WEAAAP – World Evangelical Alliance
  34. YWAMFM – YWAM Frontiers
  35. INDEPENDANT – misc. churches, church movements and independent missionaries.