The purpose of INFOGLOBAL is to facilitate collaboration by sharing very basic information which minimizes missionary sending duplication between the various missionary entities around the world.

What is it?

INFOGLOBAL is a simple series of codes that are placed on unreached people group information so that one can search the entire Christian movements adoptions/engagements.


The INFOGLOBAL project was originally designed to avoid duplication of missionary sending within the Latin Missionary Movement. Over the past fifteen years, many hours have been spent in meetings and much brainstorming has taken place on how to coordinate adoptions/engagements across country level and continent level missionary movements. After many years, INFOGLOBAL offers a solution not only for the continent level movements but for the whole world.

Who are we?

The originators of INFOGLOBAL belong to different agencies and movements and wish to remain anonymous in order to facilitate more cooperation. If you want to know who we are just ask, contact us.

Why Etnopedia?

Etnopedia.org was chosen as the gathering point for INFOGLOBAL information because Etnopedia is editable, neutral and is a multi-lingual project which allows non English speaking movements to participate.

How does INFOGLOBAL work?

To see more about how  INFOGLOBAL works click here.