Definition of Adoption/Engagement

Adoption/engagement is a definite commitment to send evangelical missionaries or that missionaries are already on the ground among the people group.

  • A loose definition of adoption/engagementĀ needs to be heldĀ In order to be able to collaborate across various movements and organizations.
  • Adoption/engagement are terms that are linked together in order to be able to simplify this complicated work and thus reasonably track commitments to send missionaries or missionary arrivals.
  • Tracking the change between a commitment to send and the actual arrival of missionaries is too difficult across various movements so INFOGLOBAL does not propose to do this. It can and will do it to the extent that this data is provided by the entity and to the extent that this information is available to the people assigning INFOGLOBAL codes.
  • Adoption/engagement does not mean that the people group is reached. However it does mean that if your movement or organization wants to go where nothing is being done, you should choose a people group that has no current adoption/engagement.